How Duncan Bannatyne (and you) could get more email newsletter signups

On my desk this morning, next to the tea stain and the plastic star wars figure I noticed an invite that had come through the post to check out a new website.

This is not any normal website, this is a new digital agency that has been pioneered by Duncan Bannatyne, the entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and television star from the Dragons Den.

Now at this point, I am writing a short guide to getting more people onto your email list from your website.

I bet Duncan does a good job of this. He’s just mailed out thousands of flyers, surely he wants to get people from the flyer, to the site and then into some kind of follow up sequence? Right?

Well… kind of… (before I carry on, I must say this is for illustration purposes only and not a reflection of the company, whom i’m sure do an awesome service).

Nothing in it for me?

One rule I try to follow with any kind of internet marketing is to ask myself the question “what’s in it for me?”.

People are generally skeptical when they are searching around the internet. If you don’t give them a good reason to do something, guess what… they won’t do it.

“Subscribe to the bannatyne digital newsletter” is not a compelling reason for someone to hand over their email address. Maybe out of curiosity or maybe just because there is a celebrity name associated with the site, they may get some signups.

Two ways Duncan can make this work a bit better

There are many ways to entice people to sign up to your newsletter, but let’s look at the two most popular.

1. Give away a free eBook
People will hand over their email address if you provide them with enough value in return. You need to create a high value eBook that talks about your prospects issues and wants. If it’s just fluff you will lose them immediately. When someone signs up to a free guide to what you do, it’s like them raising their hand to say “i’m a prospect”. Then you can follow up with more useful information and an opportunity to sell to them.

Here’s an example of a well presented free ebook signup from Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income:

2. Give away a series of Free Reports
This is very similar to the ebook, but instead you are giving away reports, tools and other useful stuff. You can set this up so visitors will receive reports on specified days of the month. You could also give away a portion of a guide or software for free and give them the opportunity to upgrade at a later point.

Here’s an example of well presented free reports and tools from Corbett Barr from Think Traffic:

In those two examples above, I know that both of those guys have built very big lists from having those types of signups on their site.

The whole point of this is that you are engaging with the people that come to your site and getting more opportunities to communicate on an ongoing basis.

My challenge now to you, Mr Reader, is this:

Forget Duncan’s site. This is about you and building your business.

If you do not have a great offer to get people to sign up onto your site, create one within the next two weeks.

If you are struggling with what to give away, then please say so below in the comments and I will put together a quick free guide.


Written by Chris Green

Chris Green is the co-founder of a successful small business Calloway Green. They have been helping other businesses market themselves online for over seven years. He also runs Small Business Unleashed. A site that helps small business owners get more clients and more freedom more often.

4 Responses to How Duncan Bannatyne (and you) could get more email newsletter signups
  1. Short, sweet and to the point. Its refreshing to know when even the professionals miss a trick, it shows how small businesses can operate above the larger companies and bring more value to an organisation.

    I have an idea to encourage people to sign up, but it going to cost me hundreds. Need to start with cost effective idea first.

    • Chris Green

      What’s the cost effective idea?

  2. Kat

    great article! At the end of the day if you have a list of people who respect you and like the way you do business you can take your database with you – building a list is one of the most important things anyone can do for their business! Great article – and love the images by the way.


  3. Looks like Duncan’s team changed the site!!

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