Getting Over the Fear of Cold Calling

Cold calling is by far the fastest way of getting through to a business owner, securing a meeting and closing a sale. There are many other forms of marketing, but all lead back to the same thing. In the end you are going to have to communicate with the business owner in order to get the sale.

Many people think that by sending out direct mail or emails first, you are somehow warming up the prospect. Well the only way I think you are warming him up, is by making him angry. On the rare occasion that the business owner for some reason called you back, you still have to have a conversation that is focused around you trying to get him to go to a meeting with you.

So why not just jump right in and try to make the cold call and get the meeting first. It’s the fastest way of getting to the business owner, and by 3 minutes you can have a meeting in your pocket. The two biggest reasons why people don’t cold call is the fear of rejection, and not knowing what to say. In this article I will just discuss the fear because I think that even if you know what to say, this fear will still keep you from cold calling, and stop you getting the clients you need.

The best way to overcome the fear fast is by realising that cold calling is not meant to be seen just one cold call at a time. Look at your cold calls as groups of calls, and the fear of rejection goes right out the window. Affiliate marketers get an average of 1% conversion rate, which means a 99% rejection rate, but they rejoice for every sale made. That is because they are looking at the visitors as groups, 100 visitors = a sale.

You should look at cold calling in the same way, but for you the conversion rates will be much higher. You can get 30% of your cold calls turning into meetings, and meetings are just easy to close. If the business owner agrees to a meeting, you know you are in with a very good shot.

So when you get rejected, and you will, remember that’s its a marketing method that has to be looked at in groups. If I told you that you would have to make 50 calls tomorrow, but you WILL get 5 meetings out of it, would you do it? Even though you know you will have to face 45 rejections, its worth it to get those quality meetings. Remember this is a very high conversion rate so you are succeeding faster and easier than most of the other marketers out there trying to promote their SEM businesses.

While the Direct mail stacks up on the desk, the emails build up in their spam box, and the lovely flyers are lining their bins, your cold call will get through, you will get the sale, and you will make money.


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Written by Joshua Morris

Joshua Morris is an internet marketer.

3 Responses to Getting Over the Fear of Cold Calling
  1. Good point about looking at the calls as groups. When I was in outside sales, I averaged 30 calls per day. While I was not thinking about it in terms of a group of calls, the result was the same. The more I got rejected, the closer I came to a face-to-face meeting with the decision maker.

  2. Cold calling is one of the hardest marketing methods around, it is something I have tasked myself to try to do more of this year.

    • Hi Steven. It is hard, but with some technique and strategy in place you can get some great results.

      My question to you would be, what are you going to do differently with your cold calling this year that will make sure you do more of it.

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