How to get more business using effective email marketing

I have met so many business owners who’ve accrued hundreds, occasionally a thousand or two, business cards at networking events and seminars through the years they’ve been in business.

If the time’s been right, they’ve sometimes done business soon after. Job done, contact made; business card in the bin? And the main challenge I often find is that if the time’s not right for them and discussions have reached a dead end, the business cards sit in a drawer or in a CRM system and nothing gets done with them.

But that’s the first place to start building a list of people you can communicate with regularly. The people that sit on your ‘no, not today’ list could potentially be worth thousands of pounds in new business that you could access with just a few contacts.

We work with our clients to take full advantage of that hidden goldmine, because if the time wasn’t right for them when you first spoke, it might be now, or it might be in 6 months’ time. And when it is, who is the first person they are going to think of when they need your services? Are they going to search through Chamber of Commerce directories or the Yellow Pages, or are they going to think of the company that sends them helpful information on a regular basis?

How NOT to be a spammer

Making the emails you send out effective can be difficult, especially when there are so many flying around nowadays. Here are a few simple tips to keep people on your list and ensure that when the time is right, they’ll think of you first:

Don’t be too sales-driven!

The key to successful email marketing is to be helpful, not to fill your clients’ and prospects’ inboxes with special offers and sales rubbish without any substance behind it.

Help them.

Don’t be afraid to give away some of your knowledge and expertise for free!

Give them what they want.

If you’re using the right email marketing provider or application, you’ll be able to split your list into categories, depending on which of your services people might be interested in. This also makes your statistics and reports more accurate (Joe Bloggs is less likely to read your email about carrots if he’s in the market for potatoes).

Written by Pete Dickson

Pete Dickson is a husband, father, marathon and ultra-marathon runner, writer and entrepreneur. His business, Conquer The Chaos, helps selected startup founders who want to simultaneously spend more time with their families and make more money. To find out if your business qualifies, and if he can help, simply send an email to

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