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I started my own small businesses over seven years ago. There was no social networking (that I knew of anyway). There was no facebook, twitter or LinkedIn…

Looking back now (hindsight is great isn’t it??) I can see how these sites could have saved me a load of time and energy and got me a load more clients. Especially LinkedIn.

The thing is though that now there are so many social networks and only so many hours in the day. Small business owners, freelancers and consultants cannot afford to be wasting time playing Farmville or chatting away with friends on Facebook (however tempting it may).

What you need is a network where the emphasis is on making professional connections rather than playing games, and that’s just what the LinkedIn developers have built.

The problem is that MOST PEOPLE don’t know how to use LinkedIn… so they setup a profile and leave it.

Let me show you how to get clients on LinkedIn

I have been using LinkedIn for the last few years now. It’s an awesome way to get people contacting you asking you to do work for them.

“IF”… you go about it right.

I’ve been putting my experience together, along with other successful small business owners to bring you the ultimate guide to LinkedIn for people like you.

Here’s the deal…

Before I launch this on the world, I want people like you to check out the first few chapters for me.

I’m willing to give you the first three chapters for free… BUT I want something in return…

If you like the guide and you get some success from implementing what you find in there, then please contact me and tell me.

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