Soaring with Eagles: The Startup Mentality

So what are the principles of flight? In order to fly you need lift, in aircraft the lift is provided by the motion of the wings through the air, it is the design of the wing that creates the lift.

The concept is very simple – the wing of an aircraft is curved. As the wing moves through the air, air passes over the wing – both above it and below…

The air that goes over the top of the wing has further to travel and becomes less dense, and the air pressure is correspondingly lower. At the point where the difference between the two pressures is great enough to lift the weight of the aircraft – the plane will rise into the air. This is why planes need a runway…

So there are two main components to achieving flight;

1. Pressure on the bottom of a wing.

2. Vacuum or reduced pressure on the top of a wing.

The third component is usually that of motion to create the effect – fixed wing aircraft have engines to push them through the air and create the lift whilst helicopters spin the wings themselves in order to create the lift.

The final component of a successful flight is having a destination in mind so that the flight becomes significant and useful outside of merely proving the effects of aerodynamics.

So how does this help us in achieving success in our own personal and business lives. What are the fundamental principles that we need to recognise such that we can metaphorically fly as high as we want and achieve whatever we choose..?

The four main principles that apply to the achievement of actual flight apply to the achievement of anything.

We need;

  1. Motion
  2. Pressure
  3. Vacuum
  4. Destination

How do we achieve these principles and what do we need to do first..?

The Gurus will tell you that you have to start with your destination in mind, that without that you will end up somewhere but it really doesn’t matter where. I understand this, however, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was younger, in fact I don’t know exactly what I want to do now – it is the journey that excites me and the possibilities it generates.


It is the activity you take to get your business or your life started. It can of course be the setting of a goal or destination, but a destination of itself does not achieve anything. Taking action, getting busy with learning, building relationships, networking and selling your ideas all creates motion


We all need pressure in our lives; the pressure to achieve, the pressure not to fail. We can either apply the pressure to ourselves or we can have someone apply the pressure to us and hold us accountable. Too much pressure can of course be debilitating and we all have our own limits and levels that we can sustain – but where there is zero pressure there will be zero lift.


We have to create space for ourselves to move into when the pressure is applied. We can create a vacuum in our lives by setting goals and objectives, by having conditional rewards that we will have for ourselves only when we achieve a milestone.


Isn’t it true that until you have clarity of view, you can’t see where you want to go? The destination you choose when you are on the ground will be limited by the horizon you can see from your vantage point. When you achieve flight, and your altitude increases so does your perspective; I guarantee that once you are flying high your choice of destination will change.

This helps you decide on the direction you want take your startup or business. You could decide that you want to keep things as a small and profitable lifestyle business, or you could try to disrupt an industry and help countless people.

So in order to achieve success we have to recognise and balance the four principles and recognise that whilst we may not like the pressure, feel uncomfortable with the vacuum, or not want to do whatever it takes to achieve motion towards our destination; it is exactly these issues and opportunities in our lives that will enable us to achieve the success we choose.


Picture by Dazzie D

Written by David Holland

David Holland is unique International Speaker, Published Author, Trainer, Business Advisor and Entrepreneur with a track record of results and performance at the highest level.

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  1. Great post David, your attitude determines your alitude. Don’t know if that fit’s in with your equation. Live, Love, Laugh Bruce

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